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An advanced and efficient piece of software designed for helping you easily locate and mark points of interest and routes on the map

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iPoint is an efficient and reliable solution for marking points of interest and setting routes on maps for your upcoming trips.

Neatly organized and simple graphic user interface

In order to keep things uncomplicated and intuitive, the application comes in an ergonomically disposed layout, which allows you to to have easy access to any feature of the program.

The menus are disposed on each side of the map you are trying to set your points of interest on.

The main window of the application can be resized, allowing you to set it to the preferred height and width, which can improve your entire overview of the map, depending on the size and resolution of your screen.

A vast array of icons ready for use

Based on their importance and type of objective, you can mark your points of interest on the map with icons from a large collection.

This way, you can have different icons for historical sites, churches. libraries, museums, metro stations, ferries, hospitals, theatres, universities, airports and so on, with the added option to rename the general category to anything you wish.

Exact coordinates for each point of interest

iPoint automatically specifies the exact longitude and latitude of a point of interest added to the map, beside other useful data that is found in the information panel of each item on the map.

You can rate the points of interest that you liked most or least, so you can exchange the information with friends and relatives, or just for the sake of remembering the best places from your trip.

You can zoom in or out the currently loaded map, so you can be as exact as you wish while marking your routes and points of interest.

An efficient and interactive trip planner

The multitude of information that can be added to any POI and intuitiveness of the application prove that iPoint is a comprehensible and inspired solution for those who wish to plan their trips in detail, in order to take advantage of the limited vacation time.

iPoint was reviewed by Sorin Apostol
Last updated on April 28th, 2014
iPoint - The application allows you to add points of interest to your maps in order to plan your trip.iPoint - From the File menu of the application, you can open a new project or you can save the current one to disk.iPoint - From the View menu of iPoint, you can hide or show the application's menus and toolbars.iPoint - screenshot #4iPoint - screenshot #5iPoint - screenshot #6iPoint - screenshot #7iPoint - screenshot #8iPoint - screenshot #9

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