iStoryTime for Windows 8

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Use this fun and educational application for Windows 8 to teach your children how to read while listening to modern or classic stories

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iStoryTime is an interactive and appealing piece of software designed for devices using Windows 8 as an operating system, which aims to help you keep your children interested in tales while also enabling younger ones to learn how to read.

Neat and straightforward looks

The application features a fairly simple and user-friendly interface, which means that kids will easily be able to use it, even if you are not present to show them how every time.

The main window displays the available stories, allowing you to download the one you want to play, but you can access the ‘Book Store’ and acquire new titles.

Pick the story you want and listen to it being read by a narrator

The books provided by iStoryTime can be rendered in three distinct modes: ‘Auto Play’, ‘Read To Me’ and ‘Read To Myself’. The first option will simply start playing the tale one page after the other, being narrated by a professional.

In ‘Read To Me’ mode, the story is also being told by someone else, but you get to decide when to move on to the next page, whereas ‘Read To Myself’ enables you to read the text to your children and move at your own pace through the book.

When rendering a story, you can only hear it when it is a primary window, otherwise interrupting and picking up where it left off when it comes back into focus. iStoryTime lets you pin a tale to your Start screen, but it does not feature the ability to add bookmarks and replay it later from the same position.

A useful tool to help you play bedtime stories to your children

To sum it up, iStoryTime for Windows 8 is a fun and easy to handle program that can help your kids learn how to read on their own, by listening to various tales and viewing the corresponding text at the same time, making it easier for them to associate words and letters with speech, in an entertaining manner.

iStoryTime for Windows 8 was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on July 9th, 2014
iStoryTime for Windows 8 - The main window of iStoryTime for Windows 8 allows you to choose the book you want to play and download itiStoryTime for Windows 8 - The progress bar keeps informed about how long before the book has completed downloadingiStoryTime for Windows 8 - You can play the book you prefer and either listen to its being read by a storyteller or read it yourselfiStoryTime for Windows 8 - screenshot #4

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