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inTer is a calculator with higher finance functions. It uses the Reverse Polish Notation (RPN). It has ten data storage registers, in addiction to the 4 automatic registers where most calculations take place and the 1.838 registers used for the advanced finance calculations.

It give you the ability to quickly and easily handle simple arithmetic operations such as adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing, as well as the ability to calculate, quickly and easy, the compound interest rate, or the amount of loan or investment, or the amount at the end of term, with unequal periodic payments (or deposit amounts) and different periods up to a maximum of 600 cash flows. It's possible to print, with any headline, the complete cash-flow with the interest rate.

inTer give you the possibility to save (with the name you choose) and resume all the values you are working with. You can always recall the data you have previously saved and so you'll recreate exactly the situation at the moment you had saved your data. You can, while working, see the contents of the 4 working registers, the lastx register, the ten storage registers and the 5 finance registers.

You can also use a notes where you can write and that can also be saved as a text file.
Fast all calculator functions are accessible from the keyboard.
Last updated on July 5th, 2006
inTer - inTer is a software calculator with higher finance functions.

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