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Tell your amazing story by creating a fully interactive text based video game with the only limits being your imagination using this powerful application

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Some of the first video games created were only text based, requiring you to imagine every step of the tale while every given action is written down. Various applications like ADRIFT give you the possibility to tell your story in an interactive way, by designing a text based adventure game.

A familiar and easy to use interface

Running the application makes you feel like home due to the office suite like interface. This is not a bad thing, considering it saves you the time otherwise needed to learn how to use all of its features.

Needless to say that the upper toolbar is fitted with categories found as tabs containing specific features. The rest of the interface is split into three section in close relation to one another. A side panel acts like a file explorer for nearly anything you can create. Additionally, a center map displays created location in a 3D view, while from the last section all elements are managed.

Create a complex world from scratch

Taking some time to look through what the application has to offer leaves you asking from where to start. The amount of detail you can include is breathtaking, not to mention that objects, tasks, actions, characters and a lot more elements can be set to depend on each other.

Media files can also be inserted. Some of the most commonly used image files can enhance the overall visual experience, while audio files do the same with sound. Moreover, you can test out the story at any given moment by saving it and launching it in a runner application, with a quick access point provided in the developer window.

To end with

All in all, ADRIFT is not only a fun way to participate in stories created by others, but also a neat method of telling your own amazing tale. The level of complexity gives you the possibility to create a fully interactive world, with boundaries only being imagination.

ADRIFT was reviewed by Mircea Dragomir
Last updated on May 22nd, 2014
ADRIFT - You can use the main window of ADRIFT Developer to create your adventures.ADRIFT - From the right click context menu you can edit the location, rename it or delete it.ADRIFT - The View tab found in the software can be used to change the window arrangement.ADRIFTADRIFTADRIFTADRIFTADRIFTADRIFTADRIFT

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