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Indian astrology made easy.
Astrosoft - The main window of Astrosoft enables you to start creating your horoscope.
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Astrosoft is an easy to use indian astrology software for astrologers and astrological students designed to provide birth chart of individual with details of Lagna, Rasi, Nakshata, Thithi, Paksha and many more features.

Main features:

  • Birth Chart: Provides Birth chart of individual with details of Lagna, Rasi, Nakshata, Thithi, Paksha, Siderial Time, Dasa Balance.
  • Planetary Positions: Provides Longitudes, Rasi, Nakshathra Pada postion of all planets and jaimini karakas.
  • Bhava Positions: Provides Start , Mid and End Positions for all bhavas.
  • Divisional charts: Computes Bhava, Navamsa and all 16 shodasha varga charts.
  • Vimshottari dasa: Computes Vimshottari dasa details up to anthra.
  • Ashtavarga: Computes Ashtavarga of all planets with trikona, ekathipathya reduction and gunaharas.
  • Shadbala: Computes all shadbala of planets with ishta bala, kashta bala, bhava bala and ranks them based on strength.
  • Ephemeris: Provides daily and monthy Ephemeris for all the planets.
  • Panchang: Provides daily panchang with details of Nakshathra, Thithi, Yoga, Sunrise/Sunset, Rahu kala, Yama kanda, Auspicious time.
  • Muhurtha: Provides auspicious muhurtha days with thara and chandara bala for given rasi/nakshathra.
  • Marriage Compactability: Computes compactibility kutas and dosha for given pair of birth chart or nakshathra.
  • Ayanamsa: Supports Lahari, Raman and Krishnamoorthy ayanamsa.
  • Location: All calculations can be computed for any place in world by providing latitude / longitude. It also has built-in latitudes / longitudes for all cities in India.

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13 Screenshots
Astrosoft - You can select the part of horoscope to view by using the designated menu.Astrosoft - You can see the complete horoscope by selecting to view the chart.Astrosoft - The Planetary position window will give you further information.AstrosoftAstrosoftAstrosoftAstrosoftAstrosoftAstrosoftAstrosoftAstrosoftAstrosoft

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