Cinergy Script Editor

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Manage movie or television scripts easily by applying pagination rules automatically to meet the formatting standards required in the industry

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Cinergy Script Editor is a simple-to-use software application that can apply pagination rules automatically to film or television scripts, in order to meet the standard formatting requirements in the industry. Although it may sound complicated to work with, the program comprises easy-to-understand options.

Quick setup and user-friendly interface

The installation procedure is a fast and easy job. The full package includes the core files, sample scripts and interactive preview mode, and the last two modules can be excluded from setup, depending on your preferences.

The interface does not contain visually attractive elements, yet it is simple to navigate. You can write or paste text in the familiar word processor, view the page layout and index cards, hide the ruler, as well as jump to a particular scene or page.

Easily configure settings

What's more, you can zoom in and out of the page, print it just like any other document, set a description for the scene, remove one or more artificial scene boundaries, lock pages, set up revision colors, clear revision marks, as well as customize scene numbers. It is possible to import scripts from a few file types, as well as to export data to RTF format.

Evaluation and conclusion

We have not come across any unpleasant surprises in our tests, since Cinergy Script Editor did not hang, crash or pop up error messages. It has a good response time and runs on low CPU and RAM, so it shouldn't put a strain on computer performance. On the other hand, Cinergy Script Editor has not been updated for a pretty long time.

Cinergy Script Editor was reviewed by Elena Opris
Last updated on October 6th, 2014
Cinergy Script Editor - You can easily access all Cinergy's features from this Notepad-like interface.Cinergy Script Editor - The View menu lets you change the way the script is displayed in the main window.Cinergy Script Editor - THe Goto menu helps you navigate through the pages and scenes of the script.Cinergy Script Editor - You can simply change scene proprieties or description with the utilities in this menu.Cinergy Script Editor - The general settings and appearance for a script can be modified from the Production menu.

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