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A piece of software especially designed to help you keep a positive mind on your day by displaying self-help messages on your screen

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While at work or studying, it’s easy to get distracted by other activities or have your state of mind altered by various factors. It can be a simple add that pops up on your screen or a song you hear on the radio.

Anything can have a more or less negative impact on you and for this reason, Codelines SilentIdeas is designed to help you maintain your focus and most of all, motivation. It’s an application that is built to display custom subliminal messages on your computer screen at regular intervals.

Create subliminal programs

A program, in the way Codelines SilentIdeas uses it is a collection of words, phrases, images, sounds and compositions that you can group and have the application display on your screen. Each program can be assigned with a custom name and made to run on specific days of the week.

The application offers you a large collection of categories with predefined self-help text and images but you can very well add you own. It seems only fair since each of us has their own aspirations and respond to specific words or visual triggers. You are free to add quotes from your favorite books, speeches and even photos of people or places that inspire you.

User-friendly interface

Codelines SilentIdeas displays a comprehensive interface which is easy to use by just about anyone. From its main window you are able to view all the programs that you create, enable or disable them, as well as personalize each one.

Everything is built to be straightforward in terms of how it’s used so you can focus on content. To make sure you’re not nagged by the messages you create, the application allows you to set the time interval between them, as well as the number of occurrences in a single day or hour.

A self-help application

Putting things in perspective, Codelines SilentIdeas is indeed a handy piece of software that can certainly help you keep a positive view on things while also keeping you motivated.

Codelines SilentIdeas was reviewed by Alexandru Chirila
Last updated on March 12th, 2014
Codelines SilentIdeas - Codelines SilentIdeas displays subliminal messages on your computer screen at time intervals you set.Codelines SilentIdeas - From the General menu, you are able to add new categories, add password protection and backup data.Codelines SilentIdeas - The application also comes with a section that offers you a crossword game and association test.Codelines SilentIdeasCodelines SilentIdeasCodelines SilentIdeasCodelines SilentIdeas

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