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A practical and comprehensive tool for programmers everywhere who are looking for a simple means of counting code lines withing their source files

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Programmers use an extensive number of tools in their work, each with its well defined purpose.

While some yield concise data that helps in the development of applications, others provide more general information that is useful in measuring productivity or offers some degree of insight regarding maintainability.

Count Code is a lightweight application that is designed to count the lines of code within source code files that you write. It’s capable of counting lines in C, C++, C#.Net, Arduino and Java files.

The tool is easy to install and should pose no problems to you. After all, if you’re looking to count code lines, it’s probably safe to assume that you know how to install Count Code. Once it is part of your operating system, to count lines all you need to do is locate source files on your computer, load them into the application and then analyze them.

Files can be added using the Windows Explorer or by simply dragging the files over the main window of the application and releasing them. In some cases you get an automatic result immediately after the file is added but in most cases, to get your result you need to manually perform the scan.

With Count Code, the entire line counting process takes just a few seconds. The results are displayed in columns and show you the number of code lines, as well as the total number of existing lines from each file. A scan on all the loaded files generates a summary report in which you can view the number of scanned source files, along with the lines of code found and total lines of text. You are also able to create a HTML report that contains both general and detailed data.

In closing, Count Code is by all means a practical and reliable piece of software that can certainly help you get an idea of the volume of work you put into your code.

Count Code was reviewed by Alexandru Chirila
Last updated on January 8th, 2014
Count Code - From the main window of Count Code, you are able to load multiple files and count the lines of code that are written.Count Code - Opening the Analyze menu, you can scan the current file or all the loaded ones, as well as generate a general report.Count Code - From the Count Code Properties window you are able to ignore warnings and count lines beginning with a #directive as Code.

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