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This application provides a virtual drum simulator that can be used by any musician, with options for recording liver performances

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Dany's Virtual Drum is an interactive drum simulator that facilitates access to a user-friendly practice environment, fit for beginners and professional musicians alike.

Amongst the many advantages that Dany's Virtual Drum sports, the most attractive one is represented by the realistic sound effects, but the richness of the built-in set of basses is not to be neglected either.

Dany's Virtual Drum sports a colorful interface, which may seem cluttered at first sight, but once you start to explore all of its features, you will definitely change your mind.

The drum simulator provides two practice environments, which are the same, actually; the difference is made by the key set that you will use to play the drums.

A variety of controls are made available in the simulator, arranged wisely so as to provide a pleasant experience. In the upper side of the interface, you can customize and switch between the various sound effects included by default inside the emulator.

Moreover, you can load an audio file from local sources and play over it, for a better practice. Subsequently, practice sessions can be recorded via a simple microphone, while professional musicians can make us of the included metronome to fine tune their skills.

The drum kit is visually represented inside the main window of the program, allowing you to customize its appearance. Thus, you can add new drums or personalize the existing kit by changing the background it’s placed upon.

As a side note, working with this application may seem a challenge at first, because of the numerous controls and sound sets that it bundles. However, provided that you experience with it often enough, you will surely learn to appreciate its value.

In conclusion, Dany's Virtual Drum is a great drum simulator that addresses amateurs, as well as professionals. It allows you to play the drums in your home environment and to record songs of your live performance, as well.

Dany's Virtual Drum was reviewed by Andreea Matei
Last updated on August 22nd, 2013
Dany's Virtual Drum - Dany's Virtual Drum is a program that offers you a realistic drum simulator with a number of effects and with a handy recordind session feature.Dany's Virtual Drum - From this window of Dany's Virtual Drum, you will be able to select the type of keyboard you want to use.Dany's Virtual Drum - Dany's Virtual Drum provides users with rich sound sets and sound recorder utilities.

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