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An efficient and easy to use application functioning as an eye-tracking program to help you type text by opening or closing the eyes

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ECTtracker is an effective and user-friendly piece of software created to serve people with mobility problems, by enabling them to communicate using a computer and a web camera, thus helping them express their thoughts more easily.

Following the download process, users can just unzip the archive and run the EXE file, as the application does not require installation, which means they can very well store it on a portable memory device and take it with them wherever they go.

Functioning prerequisites

In order to work with this tool, users will need a video recording utility, for instance ECTcamera, which can capture the eye movements and transmit them to ECTtracker for interpretation.

In addition, for typing by means of eye movements, users should also acquire ECTkeyboard, ECTmorse or other similar software, which will offer them the letters or symbols they want to employ.

Writing with the eyes

When launching ECTtracker , users will first need to calibrate the application, allowing it to distinguish between eye movements. This can be done from the ‘Samples’ submenu, by selecting the ’Auto-Calibration’ option and moving the eyes as indicated.

Afterward, the tool will compare the captured images with several pre-existing samples in which the eyes of the person are in complete focus. It matches each recorded eye movement to the sample it best resembles, then uses it to help people write with eye blinks.

ECTtracker can prove of assistance particularly to people with paralysis or other states of impaired mobility, as it can assist them in communicating with the outside world through simple eye movements, writing the messages they wish to transmit by blinking.

Useful communication instrument

All in all, ECTtracker is quite an intuitive and reliable program that aims to help individuals with locked-in syndrome and other similar conditions to be able to talk to the people close to them, despite their inability to speak.

ECTtracker was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on December 8th, 2014
ECTtracker - The main window of ECTtracker displays the region of the screen where your eyes are lookingECTtracker - From the Show forms submenu, you can adjust the settings or deactivate the debug-lines featureECTtracker - The Profile submenu enables you to load and existing profile, save the current one or reset its configurationECTtrackerECTtrackerECTtracker

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