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Software to simulate water piping networks, run thorough and complete analysis of hydraulic systems and generate conclusive reports

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EPANET aims to analyze, simulate and manage water distribution piping systems. It comes in handy for engineers and water utilities, providing them with a comprehensive tool for analyzing hydraulic systems and designing simple to complex piping networks.

The functionality of EPANET is not limited to the design process. Its capabilities extend to tracking the flow of water in each pipe and measuring the pressure in each node, monitoring the water height in tanks and calculating its chemical concentration.

The user interface is mainly occupied by the network editor, enabling you to view and manage elements, add new ones, create connections and edit the properties of each item. Networks consist of pipes, junctions, valves (shut down, flow control or pressure regulating ones), pumps and reservoirs for storage.

EPANET can handle systems of any size and comes with an extended set of features for network analysis, data reporting and visualization. It can generate color-coded network maps, plots and time series graphs, display data in a structured table or compute the energy usage, the friction head loss, pumping energy and costs. Furthermore, it allows the control of network components using complex rules.

The application is capable of generating simple project summary reports, as well as more complex reports regarding energy consumption, calibration, reactions and more.

The water quality analyzer enables you to keep an eye on the age of water throughout the network, track the water flow, model reactions in the pipe wall, determine the global reaction rate coefficient.

The application provides advanced map appearance customization options, with possibilities to change element colors, their size, adding labels, symbols or modifying the background.

EPANET finds its practical use in everyday life, helping water companies enhance the water quality and optimize their costs. It can be used for conducting consumer exposure and vulnerability reports, managing tank filling schedules and improve the overall performance of a hydraulic system.

EPANET was reviewed by Mihaela Teodorovici
Last updated on November 18th, 2013
EPANET - EPANET is a program that you can use to simulate and manage water distribution piping systems.EPANET - This menu of the application allows you to access the overview map and modify the legend.EPANET - Users can run a hidraulic system analysis and access the calibration data from this menu.EPANET - screenshot #4EPANET - screenshot #5EPANET - screenshot #6

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