Electronic Survey Program 3.26

A survey creation, administration, and compilation program.

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3 Electronic Survey Program Screenshots:
Electronic Survey Program - In the main menu of this program you can choose to take a survey,or to manage one.There is also a 'quit' button.Electronic Survey Program - Once the survey chosen you are able to see how many questions it contains and you can start it. All you have to do now is take the survey.Electronic Survey Program - The number of the question is written on every page. This is how an open-ended question looks and how you should answer it.
Electronic Survey Program is a survey creation, administration, and compilation application.

Through the simple and versatile management interface, you can create surveys with open-ended responses, multiple choices, multiple responses, or branching questions (change depending on users answers). The surveys can be taken on a network, printed, or distributed on the internet with the results emailed to the administrator.

Results are instantly calculated and can be exported to a spreadsheet with a click of a button. Surveys can be locked or password protected or limited to a specified number of responses. An instant graphing feature even creates printable bar graphs from your results in seconds.

Here are some key features of "Electronic Survey Program":

■ Students or teachers can easily create online surveys in minutes. Perfect for research projects, teaching graphing or data analysis, student or faculty polls, and more!
■ Easy Internet Survey publishing with web page formatting wizard!
■ Open-ended responses
■ Unlimited Multiple Choices
■ Branching Surveys (Change depending on user's responses)
■ Customizable Direction Screens
■ Customizable Background Graphics
■ In-program instant graphing tools with editing and printing options!
■ Included "Answer Sets" for surveys that use the same answer choices for several questions! Included answer sets can be edited or deleted and new answer sets can be created.
■ Create printed, network, or internet surveys!
■ Survey Password Protection
■ User Information Collection and Record-Keeping (so you can see who has taken your survey)
■ Response Limits
■ Survey Locks
■ Print your survey and/or your results or save them as a file to open and edit in a word processor.
■ Instant tallying results, including percentages, on screen or from your printer.
■ Export results to a spreadsheet for graphing! Get professional presentation of your survey results in minutes!
■ New full-screen interfaces for all screens!
■ Survey editing tools including options for re-ordering answers and questions or deleting questions!
■ Interface for deleting unused or finished surveys!
■ In-program comprehensive help for creating surveys and program options!
■ Surveys can be taken on a single computer or any computer on an NT network! Have a whole class take a survey at once!


■ The shareware version of ESP will allow you to use the complete set of survey-creation tools so you can see the potential of the program. Until it is registered, though, ESP will only accept 5 responses to a set of survey questions. Also, survey web pages can be created and viewed in the shareware version, but not saved. The same is true for printed surveys. The registered version has no limit to the number of responses collected, plus all of the saving and printing capabilities are unlocked.

Last updated on March 24th, 2006

Runs on: Windows All

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