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A reliable and easy to use application that enables you to find TV Series air dates and episode synopsis to your desktop directly from epguides.com

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Epguides.com Watcher is a simple, reliable and easy to use application that enables you to keep up to date with all the episodes of your favorite shows. The application can fetch information and latest updates straight from epguides.com, in order to offer you a complete episode collection, accessible from your desktop.

Desktop interface and Store app

Epguides.com Watcher comes both as a portable software for your desktop, as well as a Windows 8.1 Store application. In either of its forms, Epguides.com Watcher brings you the latest airing dates and hours for you favorite shows.

In order to avoid overcrowding your computer space, the software enables you to create a list of your favorite series, available on epguides.com, and view when the next episodes are scheduled to air on TV.

Keep up with your favorite shows

Epguides.com contains information about many shows from all around the world and brings them to you in a lightweight application. You can view episode lists from your favorite shows and click on each title in order to access a shortcut to the dedicated page on the website.

You can read detailed summaries of past episodes and get synopsis, but not spoilers, regarding future airings. The entries feature a different color depending on whether they premiered within the past two days, if they are scheduled for the current day or for the near future.

You may also view promotional photos, get information about the seasons and keep posted for future episodes.


Epguides.com Watcher is a useful assistant in gathering and displaying information and episode lists from your favorite shows. Keep up to date with the latest updates and make sure your software fetches new information from epguides.com every day. Thus, you can access episode reviews, summaries or synopsis from a trusted source and find the next airing dates of your favorite shows on TV.

Epguides.com Watcher was reviewed by Elizabeta Virlan
Last updated on March 20th, 2015
Epguides.com Watcher - Epguides.com Watcher is a simple application that enables you to keep track and find information of your favorite shows.Epguides.com Watcher - You can add all your favorite shows to the episode watch list and receive information about future airing dates.Epguides.com Watcher - The software enables you to keep up to date with current episodes, as well as catch up with previous ones.Epguides.com Watcher - screenshot #4Epguides.com Watcher - screenshot #5Epguides.com Watcher - screenshot #6Epguides.com Watcher - screenshot #7Epguides.com Watcher - screenshot #8Epguides.com Watcher - screenshot #9

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