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A Matlab toolbox that can help you implement a system for fingerprint recognition and checking, providing a more secure way to access accounts or important data






Fingerprint Recognition System is a Matlab component that implements a system for fingerprint matching and verification. The package can be used to allow fingerprint authentication, which is much more secure than username and password login systems.

Since identity stealing is one of the main security-related topics, such as system is highly appreciated. Identity fraud has taken proportions, so a powerful and reliable authentication system is needed in order to make sure your data is permanently safe. Therefore, personal identification applications and biometrics-based checking are emerging, since these systems offer higher security.

The package includes the Matlab code and sample data that enables you to test its functionality. In order to access its GUI, you simply have to decompress the archive contents in the Matlab current directory and enter the name of the main function in the command window.

Fingerprint Recognition System relies on a powerful recognition engine that allows fingerprint matching based on an advanced algorithm. It can be integrated within any Matlab application, allowing fast fingerprint image acquisition. It features 1D and 2D recursive Gabor filtering, as well as a robust algorithm for detecting the core point of a fingerprint and segmentation functions that use morphological operations.

Fingerprint Recognition System uses a collection of Gabor filters to detect important and specific details in a fingerprint, which enables it to easily perform matching actions. The comparison algorithm is based on the Euclidean distance between the two FingerCodes, but the matching process requires accurate positioning in order to prevent errors from occurring.
Last updated on March 5th, 2014
Fingerprint Recognition System - Fingerprint Recognition System provides a Matlab toolbox that enables you to generate a fingerprint matching system.

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