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A graphical interface for Ghostscript

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Handling PostScript (PS) files is a task that is less common that that which implies the use of PDF documents, but the two are, nonetheless related. These two formats are no strangers to Ghostscript, the interpreter for the PS files and if you need to view and print them easily, a GUI is necessary.

GSview is an interface that serves exactly the purpose mentioned above as it wraps Ghostscript functionality and makes it easier to access and use.

The PostScript page description language reports how a printed page will look like and it does so in even greater detail than a bitmap would. With GSview on your system, you will be able to load and edit files in Portable Document Format, PS and EPS as well.

The program also provides bitmap conversion capabilities, measurement as well as conversion to vector functions. You can use the software for text extraction and even associate it with the PDF and PostScript file types.

GSview offers you the possibility to control the most of its functions through hotkeys and this is quite useful, especially when it comes to the viewing options. There is also a handy refresh command called 'Redisplay' that will reload the current view so you can check out any changes that may have occurred since first opening the document.

Insofar as the document orientation is concerned, you will surely be glad to discover that you can choose among many options, just as in the case of the size of the page which can even be manually set. The display settings area is the place you can find the adjustments for document and zoom resolution, depth (expressed in bits per pixel) as well as text and graphics alpha values.

To sum things up, with GSview you get a very easy to use application that is most effective for managing PostScript files and, in case you don't have already a dedicated PDF viewer, it can also handle Portable Document Format files. With many useful functions and thanks to its simple interface , the program is well suited for all users.

GSview was reviewed by Olivian Puha
Last updated on April 12th, 2013
GSview - GSview will provide users with an easy-to-use yet comprehensive graphical interface for GhostscriptGSview - The File menu will allow users to quickly and easily manage their GhostScript supported file formatsGSview - Users will be able to convert bitmaps, measure or extract text within the Edit menu of the aplicationGSview - screenshot #4GSview - screenshot #5GSview - screenshot #6GSview - screenshot #7GSview - screenshot #8GSview - screenshot #9

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