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A management tool for game ROMs emulated on the computer that offers assistance in creating the game database and statistics about the played games

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Game Launcher has been created as a simple utility that allows starting any game that is emulated on the PC from a single location.

Initial configuration wizard

Getting the application on the computer starts with an initial configuration wizard, which, among other, runs a system compatibility check and prompts for a location for storing settings and the game library.

Adding a game to the database is done with the help of a guiding wizard that provides instructions at every step. Basically, you have to point it to the ROM location of the game and wait for the utility to extract the necessary information.

Check out play statistics

The benefits of the application do not reside only in the fact that it provides an easy way to launch the games because it can also calculate usage statistics for each item.

Each entry in the main application window is accompanied by information such as the genre of the game, how many times it was played, the date of the last launch and a user rating. This way you can have a personal overview of the entries.

The configuration panel for Game Launcher is quite simple, offering the possibility to set up an action for double-clicking on an entry or customizing its appearance by enabling skin support and selecting a different look.

Manage emulated games and launch them from a single place

Game Launcher is not a complicated tool and allows the user to maintain a database of games emulated on the computer for the sake of old times. It makes available useful features that permit creating simple profiles for the entries.

Game Launcher was reviewed by Ionut Ilascu
Last updated on June 2nd, 2014
Game Launcher - GameLauncher's main window - here you may see a list of available games and information on each one of themGame Launcher - When you add a new game a wizard will guide you simplifying a lot this part of the processGame Launcher - The Settings window is the place where you may enter your preferences for this program's way of running

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