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Provides an interface for viewing Garmin map products, as well as managing the corresponding geographic information or working with waypoints

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Garmin BaseCamp is a useful tool for the users who plan routes and view maps on their computer. The program is designed to work with Garmin maps and can greatly enhance the usage of a Garmin GPS device.

If you are frequently taking or planning trips, a GPS device is a valuable companion that can keep you on the right track. However, planning trips can be a challenging task when you need to handle multiple waypoints on a rather small screen.

The BaseCamp utility is designed to work with your Garmin maps in order to survey the area and plan your trip by taking into consideration all the locations that you want to visit. It allows you to plan a driving route but also supports hiking, mountaineering, dirt biking and other activities.

In order to create a new route you just need to enter your waypoints and select the locations that you want to use. You can fine-tune the route by selecting the types or road, transportation and speed limits in order to accurately calculate the duration.

After creating the waypoints and the route the application can help you transfer the data to the Garmin GPS in order to use it during the trip. You can also use the cloud storage provided by the myGarmin account in order to save the information for later.

The program integrates the Garmin Adventures feature which enables you to share routes and comments with other users. You can also use the program to download satellite imagery from the Internet in order to add them to the maps installed on your device.

The interface is well organized and provides quick access to all the important features. The documentation requires an Internet connection and includes several videos that describe the basic functions.

BaseCamp is a must-have tool which can help you take advantage of multiple resources when planning a trip. However, it is designed for the Garmin GPS owners since you need to install at least one map before creating routes.

Garmin BaseCamp was reviewed by Sorin Cirneala
Last updated on September 15th, 2015
Garmin BaseCamp - The main window of Garmin BaseCamp lets you view Garmin map products and manage geographic dataGarmin BaseCamp - The File menu enables you to add a new adventure map, new routes and waypointsGarmin BaseCamp - The View menu of the application allows you to sort your routes by name or by symbol and access the Map ControlsGarmin BaseCamp - screenshot #4Garmin BaseCamp - screenshot #5Garmin BaseCamp - screenshot #6Garmin BaseCamp - screenshot #7Garmin BaseCamp - screenshot #8Garmin BaseCamp - screenshot #9Garmin BaseCamp - screenshot #10

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