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Transcribe text from images in most common formats with this application that can load multiple source pictures and allows users to export projects to PDFs

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The sharp increase in the usage of pictures has translated into a recurrent need for methods that either 'read' text from these items, or allow users to transcribe paragraphs quickly. GenScriber is an application of the latter kind, providing users a clean and efficiency-geared environment for text transcription from source images.

Save projects as CSVs or PDFs

The program features a standard layout for such tools, with an ample view panel where source images are displayed. These documents can be in various formats, including JPGs and BMPs. The main window is resizable for an improved view and magnification tools are also available to assist users; what's more, one can even change the position of the frames. Negate and grayscale effects can be applied, which is a valuable feature when dealing with complex images.

One of the great features of this application is that it can batch load all supported documents from a folder. This allows one to sift quickly through the available documents, as well as to keep the workflow at an increased pace.

Apply simple grayscale effects to improve readability

Once source images are loaded, users can customize their final documents by defining columns. The application allows one to record data from pictures in a spreadsheet-like table; when dealing with records or census data, this layout can be very useful. Columns can be adjusted with regard to dimensions and, if necessary, one can even hide items.

The application saves projects in CSV format, by default, but export options to HTMLs and PDFs are also available. The utility can also import templates from Gedcom files, DIFs, DBFs, and even Excel documents.

The program provides a good environment for transcribing text from images in JPG and BMP formats

To conclude, GenScriber is a valuable tool for anyone in need of utilities that assist manual image transcription tasks.

GenScriber was reviewed by Mircea Saveanu
Last updated on July 13th, 2015
GenScriber - The main window allows users to load images and transcribe text from it (saves to CSV format)GenScriber - GenScriber can create templates for future use and export options include HTML and PDF formatsGenScriber - Several copy and paste options are available, including ones targeting metadata, such as the image nameGenScriberGenScriberGenScriberGenScriberGenScriberGenScriberGenScriberGenScriberGenScriber

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