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A software solution that works in the legal boundaries of driver monitoring and violation tracking while providing an intuitive workflow

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GloboFleet CC Plus is a powerful piece of software developed especially for drivers, dispatchers or transport company owners who need to create and manage detailed reports from data generated by driver cards or storage devices.

With it you are able to keep perfect track of forecasts, driver violations, events, faults, controls, work shifts, activities, vehicles and traveled countries.

An intuitive interface even for the novice

GloboFleet CC Plus displays a more than comprehensive interface, making it accessible and easy to use by just about anyone who possesses basic computer skills. The GUI is pretty much self explanatory as long as you are familiar with the some of the technicalities which are associated to a driver’s workday.

The application offers you unobstructed access to all its main features from toolbars and drop-down menus. Everything is straightforward and easy to manage when it comes to archiving files, importing data and synchronizing it.

While browsing imported data from a card or drive, the application provides a calendar from which you are able to access an entire day’s or month’s activity. Moreover, you also get a section in the interface from where you can view driver information such as card number, authority and driver license details.

A detailed and well put together violation notification system

The driver card or external drive has the role of recording driver and vehicle related data throughout work periods and GloboFleet CC Plus provides a very practical method of viewing and analyzing that data.

In the main window of the application you get to view a graphical representation of the driver’s work period, along with a section that contains information about drive times, violations, events and other aspects. As far as violations go, all the entries are displayed in an easy to follow table in which you have the start and end of the issued violations, their code and time measurements.

Keep a close eye on everything driver card related

With the above to consider and more to discover, it’s safe to say that GloboFleet CC Plus is by all means a handy and reliable software solution for anyone who wants to monitor driver activity and assess various issues.

GloboFleet CC Plus was reviewed by Alexandru Chirila
Last updated on October 30th, 2014
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