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Astrology and zodiac signs still have an important impact on the lives of many people who choose to resort to predictions like those of the well-known horoscopes. Those interested in this field undoubtedly used at least one dedicated utility that can facilitate the understanding of aspects related to the planets' influence over people's lives.

Among the most sought-after applications of this kind, Horoscope Explorer Pro offers its users a load of features reunited inside a plain interface. The utility, nonetheless, is targeted at a specific area of astrology, the Indian Vedic one to be more precise.

Various types of horoscopes can be accessed and personalized for each individual, while several types of charts are readily generated when needed. Using the software is actually quite easygoing since all you have to do is fill in the required details in the available fields.

The great thing about Horoscope Explorer Pro is that you can save each profile you create and thus have a consistency in predictions for every person. As soon as all the information is in place, you can access many charts, predictions and view planetary transitions as well.

All the information presented by the application can be either saved or shared on the fly. Horoscope Explorer Pro supports exporting the data to Portable Document Format (PDF) files, printing and even sending horoscopes via e-mail.

All in all, for those interested in Indian Vedic astrology, this is definitely the software to try. With an easy to use, though not too great looking interface and carrying all the tools one would need to see predictions, charts, match making probabilities and many more, Horoscope Explorer Pro can be just the right choice for many users.

Download Horoscope Explorer Pro was reviewed by Olivian Puha
Last updated on February 7th, 2013
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