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A tiny standardize solat time software for Muslims based in Malaysia in order to be notified everytime that a prayer is taking place

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My Malaysia Solat Time is a simplistic application especially designed for Muslims that are re-located in Malaysia, enabling them to get notified at prayer times.

The Islam religion is very strict and Muslims are very fond of their traditions. Thereby, those who travel to another country might require a special application that can calculate the prayer times taking into consideration the new time zone and the Sun's position.

View all the salat times within a user-friendly GUI

With the help of My Malaysia Solat Time, Muslims in Malaysia are able to view the time of each prayer and respect their tradition. Delivered inside a lightweight package, the application is very simple and easy to use.

Its interface consists of a single window where all the information is displayed. It comprises a digital clock that tells you what the current time is and right below it, a box that contains data concerning the next salat time and the remaining time.

Select location, activate the reminder and let the application do the rest

All the salat times are displayed within a separate pane. As such, you can view praying times for Imsak, Subuh, Syuruk, Zohor, Asar, Maghrib and Isyak. The current prayer time is highlighted black, while the next one is colored in blue. A sound alarm is played when the next salat time is approaching.

A drop down menu enables you to select the city in Malaysia you are in and once you do so, the prayer times are instantly updated. When the configuration process is completed, you can switch to minimized mode, which displays the salat times only.

Similar applications support more countries

My Malaysia Solat Time is a handy tool for Muslims in Malaysia but unfortunately, it is only designed to support this location. It is easy to work with, but note that there are other similar tools out there that offer support for any geographical region in the world.

My Malaysia Solat Time was reviewed by Mihaela Citea
Last updated on February 27th, 2014
My Malaysia Solat Time - My Malaysia Solat Time will provide users with a tiny standardize solat time softwareMy Malaysia Solat Time - Users will be able to access various cities and regions in order to view the times from Imsak to Isyak

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