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With the aid of this application, you will be able to calculate the final price of a computer system based on the cost of individual components

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MyNewPC Calc helps users who plan to purchase a new computer in calculating its final price. The calculations are based on the cost of individual components and can take into consideration additional parameters such as shipping.

MyNewPC Calc vs traditional methods

Typically, when estimating the price of a new PC, the most common technique is to input the costs in a text file or a spreadsheet, following which the calculations are done by hand or by using complex formulas (for the spreadsheet approach).

With MyNewPC Calc, all of these tasks are automated and your efforts are reduced to inputting the price. In addition, the program delivers a simpler way to put together the list of components needed for a computer since it provides fields for a variety of hardware devices.

Appearance and usage

MyNewPC Calc relies on a rather basic interface, however, there’s more to it than meets the eye. The GUI encases a preset list of components (like motherboard, CPU, RAM, SSD, chassis, optical drive as well as peripherals and cooling devices) that you can use to plan the purchase.

Simply fill in the fields adjacent to the components of interest with the corresponding name, specify the price and the quantity, add the shipping fees (if any) and instruct the application to begin calculations. The result is made available right away, in an independent window.

The verdict

MyNewPC Calc calculates the final price with great accuracy, but the need for improvement is noticeable almost everywhere. A better interface, options to save the purchase plan or to share it with other users are musts for the application to become more appealing.

MyNewPC Calc was reviewed by Andreea Matei
Last updated on February 24th, 2014
MyNewPC Calc - MyNewPC Calc allows users to specify the components they wish to include in their acquisition.MyNewPC Calc - MyNewPC Calc computes the total sum for the selected components.

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