Odin 1.8.8

A handy magnetic resonance simulating software

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What's new in Odin 1.8.8:

  • New Features:
  • Added FilterCluster (-cluster) for clustering of adjacent non-zero voxels
  • Added FilterEdit (-edit) to edit single voxel values or range of values
  • Added FilterTimeShift
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Thies H. Jochimsen
2.5/5 4
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9 Odin Screenshots:
Odin - The main window of Odin enables you to develop and simulate magnetic resonance sequencesOdin - From the File menu you have the possibility to save the settings, store or load a new protocolOdin - You can navigate to the Action menu if you want to access the Plot Sequence window or simulate sequencesOdinOdinOdinOdinOdinOdin
Odin addresses a very small group of computer users. Yes, it does. How come? Well, as we can all see, this Odin is not that application that helps you with your Android smartphone, nor the Norse god.

In fact, in this case, Odin stands for Object-Oriented Development Interface for NMR and as OODINMR would have sounded terribly wrong, the developer has found a more suitable version, although users may look for some other application and stumble upon this one by mistake.

The truth is that Odin is far older than Odin3, the Android-related app and it has nothing to do with smartphones. What it provides is a framework tailored in the C++ programming language in order to help you establish as well as replicate magnetic resonance sequences.

Thus, Odin requires quite the expertise in a domain that many do not have a clue about. Magnetic resonance imaging, or MRI as many might have heard of, nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) as well as magnetic resonance tomography represent medical imaging techniques that are used within radiology in order to examine the anatomy and function of the body.

Odin supports the contemporary techniques such as sequence modules for echo-planar imaging and spiral-imaging, two-dimensional pulses and field-map-based distortion corrections, and parallel imaging with GRAPPA reconstruction. Moreover, the modular thinking brought into Odin makes it lightweight and flexible at the same time.

As you can contract by now, Odin is far from your typical application software. It targets a very special crowd of users that are looking for sequence timecourse plotting in a GUI, for instance. That is why Odin can only please a select circle of experts that need it to perform better than a Swiss watch, every single time.

Odin was reviewed by , last updated on October 8th, 2014

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