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PS3 Media Center X - allows to stream certain types of pictures, music, videos and files from your PC to your PlayStation 3.

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PS3 Media Center X is a dedicated software solution that creates a multimedia server for your PlayStation 3 console, allowing you to access pictures, music and videos fast and easy.

The application is actually a very simple way to access multimedia files stored on your computer using the gaming console, acting as a server on your network and providing instant access to the files you want to share.

The main window of the application is minimal, it comprises just three buttons, as it follows: 'Launch Media Center' to start the server, 'Launch Red Kawa' to open the official website of the developer and 'Launch User Guide' to get more information using the provided documentation.

The server is available via network, through a straightforward interface that lets you open videos, music, pictures and other files on your PlayStation 3. If you wish to share new files, you have to copy them in the dedicated folders, right in the root directory of the app.

Unfortunately, there's no option to change these folders, as the settings menu is just basic and offers you only a limited number of tools.

As for the actual application, it works pretty well, especially given the fact that users just have to place the files they want to share in the predefined folders and launch the server.

Of course, the application runs on low computer resources, but don't forget to add a new rule in your firewall to make sure it doesn't block connections.

All in all, PS3 Media Center X is quite a nice way to help your PC get along with your PlayStation 3, and you should really give it a try.

PS3 Media Center X was reviewed by Bogdan Popa
Last updated on January 25th, 2013
PS3 Media Center X - When you launch PS3 Media Center X you may easily and quickly go directly to the Media Center or launch the user guidePS3 Media Center X - From the Media Center's web-based interface you may choose easily and quickly what you're interested in - music, video, pictures, files, etcPS3 Media Center X - Some basic settings are also available and easy for anyone to configure

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