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Straightforward program that helps you emulate Palm hardware devices (e.g. Pilot, PalmPilot, Palm III, Palm V, Palm VII) by specifying the ROM file, device type, skin and RAM size

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Palm OS Emulator is a small software application whose purpose is to help you emulate Palm hardware devices (e.g. Pilot, PalmPilot, Palm III, Palm V, Palm VII) on a Macintosh, Unix, or Windows-based desktop computer. It comes in handy especially if you want to test and debug Palm OS software on your screen.

The advantages of being portable

The tool can be run directly on your computer by bypassing the installation process and opening the EXE file. In order to uninstall it you only need to delete the files that you have grabbed from the Internet.

What’s more, it doesn’t leave any entries in your Windows registry and leftover files in your system, so you can run it without administrative privileges. Plus, you may store it on any USB flash drive or other devices and carry it with you.

Minimalistic looks

Palm OS Emulator adopts a simple GUI that integrates only a few features that you can play with. Everything is kept as basic as possible, and there are no intricate configuration settings hidden under its hood.

Although there’s no support for a help manual, the dedicated parameters are intuitive so tweaking them is just a matter of a few minutes.

Emulation sessions

Palm OS Emulator gives you the possibility to start a new emulation by selecting the ROM file, picking the desired Palm device from a drop-down list, choosing the skin, as well as altering the RAM size.

What’s more, you are allowed to load a previous emulation session from disk (PSF file format) and download ROM images from a Palm OS device by choosing an appropriate serial port and speed, so as to be able to create a new emulation session using the grabbed ROM files.

The application is able to reveal an on-screen image that looks like a Palm handheld. It lets you select the handheld that you want to emulate, show the screen in double size, move the mouse on your desktop computer as if you use the stylus on a Palm device, as well as work with several keyboard shortcuts for faster actions.

Bottom line

In conclusion, Palm OS Emulator delivers a straightforward software solution for helping you emulate the hardware for Palm devices, and suits rookies and power users alike.

Palm OS Emulator was reviewed by Ana Marculescu
Last updated on October 30th, 2014
Palm OS EmulatorPalm OS EmulatorPalm OS EmulatorPalm OS Emulator

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