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A lightweight and efficient application functioning in command line mode, that can help you postpone the execution of certain scripts or batch files

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Polenta Sleep is a handy and reliable piece of software created to run only in Command Prompt, helping users delay the execution of their batch files or scripts, for a specified amount of time.

Best suited for advanced users

The application is not precisely for beginners, since it does not benefit from a Graphical User Interface and its usage is not sufficiently intuitive to be understood by anyone, nor does it come with any documentation material to rely on.

The simple way of working with Polenta Sleep is to simply drag and drop it over the command line window that users are working with, on condition that it is not running in Admin mode, otherwise requiring that they manually type in the EXE’s full path.

Delay the execution of batch files or scripts in command line

The utility is meant to postpone scripts, program or batch files from running for a given period of time. For a brief introduction into its functions, users can enter the ‘/Help’ command and Polenta Sleep will show them the available arguments, along with a basic example.

As such, users can delay execution for a certain amount of hours, minutes, seconds or milliseconds (but the arguments cannot be combined into a single commands). However, users should also bear in mind that the tool can only handle integer values, meaning they cannot use decimal numbers, otherwise it will encounter an error.

A simple CMD script postponer

To conclude, Polenta Sleep is an advanced and quite useful application which is meant to function in command line, enabling users to postpone scripts or programs from launching, for a preferred time interval.

Polenta Sleep was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on June 25th, 2014
Polenta Sleep - Polenta Sleep is a handy CMD application that can delay the execution of batch files for a preferred amount of time

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