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A handy and reliable application that can help you calculate the proper measurements of certain beams, columns or materials used in buldings

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When designing architectural plans, beams come as a priority, as they have to support a lot of weight for an entire building. ProSteel is a crafty piece of software that can aid you when it comes to determining the best ratios for certain steel beams and support structures, providing useful information for architects and building designers.

Reliable utility for beam measurement

The application can help you determine the best way to design beams, columns and other support structures, by computing the weight that they are about to sustain, along with other parameters that might interfere with your support beams. By checking each beam and column design to to BS5950-1:2000, the program allows you to choose the best material and form for your structures.

Furthermore, you can perform various analysis of openings through beam webs using SCI/CIRIA guidelines. This way, you can find any weak points in your design, then attempt to change it and ensure structural stability.

Handy tool that can analyze structural beams

ProSteel provides you with an efficient way of analyzing the structural stability of any building design, by measuring and processing the parameters needed to sustain the entire construction. These parameters include angle cleat, end plate and fin plate connection design, which are all calculated in accordance with SCI 'Green Book'.

Aside from this, the program features a basic text editor which can add details to your design, as you are able to store notes or warnings into your projects.

A robust support beam analysis program

To sum it up, ProSteel comes as a sturdy tool that can help you analyze even the most complex architectural designs, providing you with helpful guidelines when it comes to support beams or columns, especially details about length, material and placement.

ProSteel was reviewed by Andrei Fercalo
Last updated on August 19th, 2014
ProSteel - ProSteel allows you to calculate the size, width, height and girth of certain structure beams used in a building's construct.ProSteel - From the File menu, you can reopen older projects or display the file catalog that contains them.ProSteel - By accessing the Project menu, you can view a project's details then change and manage them with ease.ProSteel - screenshot #4ProSteel - screenshot #5ProSteel - screenshot #6ProSteel - screenshot #7ProSteel - screenshot #8ProSteel - screenshot #9

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