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An application that enables you to design and setup your own RF antenna, by providing you with a wide variety of component calculators

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Radio frequency antennae are still used in a variety of applications, especially when it comes to remotely controlled electronic devices. However, in order for them to work properly, they need to be carefully designed and their parameters calculated according to your necessities.

Design a wide variety of antennae down to the smallest detail

RF Toolbox is a software utility that enables you to tackle every aspect of antenna design, as well as all of the other electronic components involved in its creation. The list of available options include dipole, log period and helical antennae, as well as many other types, depending the way you are planning to use them.

In order to obtain the necessary data for the required type of device, all you have to do is enter the desired frequency, which you intend on using to communicate with the antenna. Using this value, the application can then calculate the necessary dimensions and parameters, such as phasing, spacing and feed. These can be used in the physical design of the device, to calculate the size of the antenna elements.

Calculate coil inductance, resistor values and gamma match

Behind the actual antenna, there are a multitude of electronic components that need to handle the received signal, all of which need to be calculated in order to avoid any unwanted interference or incompatibility. Hence, the application allows you to use a variety of calculators and obtain the optimal parameters for any setup.

Between them, you can find the coil inductance calculator, which allows you to enter the number of turns and the copper wire length in order to obtain the impedance coefficient, although any of the other parameters can be calculated if you have the rest of the values. In addition, the resistance can be calculated for both series and parallel resistor circuits.

In conclusion

Thanks to the wide variety of supported antenna types and the additional electronic calculations available, RF Toolbox is a complete and useful application to have around if you are an antenna designer. Moreover, although the utility is aimed toward more experienced users, the provided manual offers you almost every information you might need to take it from scratch, although you do need some knowledge about electronics in order to take full advantage if its capabilities.

RF Toolbox was reviewed by Alexandru Dulcianu
Last updated on July 24th, 2014
RF Toolbox - The main window of the application allows you to use a variety of tools, including the impedance and resistance calculators.RF Toolbox - You can access the program preferences and setup the print page layout from the File menu.RF Toolbox - The Edit menu allows you to perform the cut, copy and paste operations, as well as undo the previous action.RF ToolboxRF ToolboxRF ToolboxRF ToolboxRF ToolboxRF ToolboxRF Toolbox

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