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A simple application that was created in order to make it possible for anyone to quickly generate any number of times and dates randomly

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Oftentimes, when working on projects that require large amounts of test data, generating that input may be a tedious and time-consuming task. Nonetheless, there are some solutions that are especially created to alleviate that issue and Random Time and or Date Generator Software is one of them.

Practical layout for quickly generating data

The setup procedure is straightforward and in a couple of moments you should be able to start working with the application. All the functions and commands are neatly placed in their corresponding areas and the everything looks quite well organized.

The ease of use is evident and there should be little things unclear about the features of this tool. More so, there is a handy help button inside the main window that when pressed will show some examples for the time formats supported by Random Time and or Date Generator Software.

Easily choose from multiple formats for date and time

When it comes to the actual operation of this utility, even the less experienced users should be able to generate the data they need in no time. The sequence of procedures is unmistakable, as you will have to input the number of entries to be created, then pick the randomization option, as well as the time and date formats.

The instant you press 'Start generating', the results area will become populated and you will be able to save them on the spot. The supported formats for exporting data are plain text and Excel files, while there is another possibility available, namely that of having the results copied to the system clipboard.

A simple time and date randomization solution

To sum things up, Random Time and or Date Generator Software is quite effective insofar the task it has to carry out but, the practical application for this program and the usage scenarios are very limited, to say the least.

Random Time and or Date Generator Software was reviewed by Olivian Puha
Last updated on April 24th, 2014
Random Time and or Date Generator Software - This is the main window of Random Time and or Date Generator Software from where you can set the options for the date and time generation.

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