Resistor Code Reader 2.33

The program calculates the resistance in Ohms, tolerance and TCR
The Resistor Code Reader application was designed to be a small program that calculates the resistance in Ohms, tolerance and TCR of a resistor from its color code. It also shows a resistor with its color lines when you provide its resistance and tolerance.

Supported resistor types:
- From value to colors: 3,4,5,6-line resistors from 1 Ohm to the maximum in compliance with the specifications. Integer values only. Russian 20%-tolerance resistors are supported.
- From colors to value: 3,4,5,6-line resistors from 0.1 Ohm to the maximum in compliance with the specifications. Russian 20%-tolerance resistors are supported.

Converting colors to resistance:
- The first line of a resistor is the one closest to its end or the widest one. The other lines are enumerated from left to right.
- Select the colors of the resistor. If the resistor has only 4 lines, select "none" instead of the 5th line, the 6th line will be turned off automatically.
- The 6th line means the TCR (temperature coefficient of resistance) and it is used on Philips resistors. If there are only 5 lines, select "none" instead of the 6th line.
The program will check your selection and report the status of the conversion: either "OK" or "error". If you have an error, revise your choice of colors.

Converting resistance to colors:
- Enter an integer value in Ohms. The minimal value is 1 Ohm.
- According to the specifications, there are only 2 significant digits for 4-line resistors and 3 significant digits for 5-line resistors. So if you enter the value "12345", then the value of the resistor will be 12000 Ohms for a 4-line resistor and 12300 for a 5-line resistor. It's not the error of the program!
- Select the tolerance.
- If you want to see a 5- or 6-line resistor, uncheck the "4-line resistor" checkbox.
- For Philips resistors select the TCR.
- Now you can see the names of colors and the graphical model of the resistor.
- You can ignore the value of tolerance if it's of no importance to you. In this case one of the lines will be filled with crossed white lines. It means that this line can be of any color.

Main features:

  • To make the program window stay above all other windows, check the "always on top" checkbox.
  • You can check the updates and report an error by means of the "Program" menu.

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Anatoliy Kovalenko
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