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An intuitive application that can help you to organize and manipulate TV channels on your Samsung TV in an easy and comfortable manner

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SamyGo Channel Editor is a handy and efficient application that can assist you in manipulating TV channel scenarios for a Samsung TV.

It was designed for Samsung C and D series TV and can become an essential asset for users who are having trouble organizing the channel lineup on such a device.

The program was designed in Java and needs JRE in order to work properly. It is also portable, which means it doesn’t require an installation process and can be carried around on a removable drive, without affecting the system registry of the machine it runs on.

The interface is rather simple and dull, but on the bright side, this reflects in ease of use and a higher degree of accessibility to a wide array of users.

You can open an existing list (in map-D or SCM format) or create one from scratch, if this option suits you better. A list can contain as many channels as you want, provided that they’re defined properly.

Adding a new channel can be done using a dedicated dialog, which requires you to enter details such as name, ONID, TSID, PID, VPID, NID and frequency, as well as to select the service type (TV, radio, data or HD) and to optionally lock, encrypt or add it to the favorites list.

Furthermore, using the Edit menu, you will be able to move, edit, delete or find channels and to perform more advanced operations such as adding parental lock or feed channels.

Overall, SamyGo Channel Editor comes across as a decent application who can help owners of Samsung TVs to organize and manipulate channel lists to their liking.

SamyGo Channel Editor was reviewed by Andreea Matei
Last updated on December 10th, 2013
SamyGo Channel Editor - This is how you can view all your channels from the main window of the application.SamyGo Channel Editor - The File menu gives you the possibility to open a AirD / CableD / SateD map.SamyGo Channel Editor - You can use the Edit menu below to add a new channel or search for one you can't find.SamyGo Channel Editor - This is how you can use the following menu of SamyGo Channel Editor to toggle your different lists.SamyGo Channel Editor - This next window allows you to insert the service type, and frequency of your channel.

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