Software995 Nag Screen Remover

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A simple to use software utility that enables you to get rid of the unwanted ads and popup windows that appear after using Software995 applications

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There is a considerable amount of applications that you can use as a virtual printer in order to create PDF documents from files that are in various formats.

They are genuinely easy to use, straightforward and deliver prompt results. Such an application is Pdf995 Printer Driver, which you can use to effortlessly create PDF files from any application that supports printing. This means that you are able to generate a PDF from a text file, a series of images and other printable sources.

Using an application such as that can have it’s inconveniences and in the case of Pdf995 Printer Driver there are a few things which can bother you. For one, to be able to use it, you need to install other applications. Secondly, every time you export a new PDF, after a second or two, you are prompted with on screen ads and product suggestions. They are mere windows that pop-up and you can close them at any time without too much trouble but if you have to export a considerable amount of PDFs, it can get really annoying.

Software995 Nag Screen Remover is a small application in stature that is designed to help you get rid of the pop-ups that invade your screen. With it you are able to disable all the ads and recommendations that are displayed but at the same time, if you want to enable them again, you are free to do so.

The application displays a simple interface in the form of a small window which provides a button that once you click, blocks the nag screens that normally appear. You don’t even have to restart the virtual printer or your computer, one click and its done.

Since installing the virtual printer requires a bunch of other applications that kind of work in the background of the operating system, there is a chance that Software995 Nag Screen Remover might not work for you. Although, since you can use it in a couple of seconds after you download it and you might already have the printer installed, there’s really no reason for you not to try it.

Software995 Nag Screen Remover was reviewed by Alexandru Chirila
Last updated on February 17th, 2014
Software995 Nag Screen Remover - Software995 Nag Screen Remover enables you to remove pop-up adds that appear when using Software995 apps.

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