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A simple-to-use application designed to help you create custom prize wheels, then play them on a computer for contest or recreational purposes

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Competition is something that keeps us together, if not for the challenge, then definitely for the prize. However, winning, in some cases, has to do with luck. With the help of Super Prize Wheel you can create your own attraction that will have your friends sticking around a little longer.

Make your custom prize wheel

The application puts two editors at your disposal. One in which you are able to design the wheel itself in any way possible, and the other for the prizes, and some finishing touches. When choosing the type of wheel you want to create, you might feel a little limited given only three types, two of which have the same number of prizes. Worry not, for once you get passed that screen, you can make everything after your heart's desire.

From the radius of the wheel itself, to the pointer, and small details, any aspect can be colored, re-sized, and moved around, to make it look unique. Furthermore, a “Preview” button lets you spin it, to better see how it will perform.

Choose background and prizes

Some final adjustments can be done once the wheel is finished. You may add a background, which can be either a picture, or video, edit the spinning sound, and even set the number of seconds the wheel will rotate, as well as number of rotations. When you are done, you are free to take it for a spin.

In conclusion

Super Prize Wheel is an application which can brighten up a monotonous weekend. Create a wheel that suits you, get some real prizes and invite your friends over. It may also come in handy for special occasions, and make it so that everybody can be a winner.

Super Prize Wheel was reviewed by Mircea Dragomir
Last updated on September 30th, 2014
Super Prize Wheel - The application helps users create various prize wheels, then play them on a computer.Super Prize Wheel - The Wheel Editor window allows users to select a prize name, value, scale and sector color.Super Prize Wheel - By accessing the Ring tab, users can customize the outer ring, by changing its  color and radius.Super Prize Wheel - screenshot #4Super Prize Wheel - screenshot #5Super Prize Wheel - screenshot #6Super Prize Wheel - screenshot #7Super Prize Wheel - screenshot #8Super Prize Wheel - screenshot #9Super Prize Wheel - screenshot #10Super Prize Wheel - screenshot #11Super Prize Wheel - screenshot #12Super Prize Wheel - screenshot #13

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