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This application is able to convert the log files created for the radio transmissions in order to convert them to a format that is accepted in contests

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TEXT to ADIF Converter is a log conversion tool for the amateur radio users who need to extract data from text files. The program is able to prepare the ADIF files required by certain contests by processing the log data.

HAM radio users are familiar with the ADIF file format which allows them to record the radio transmission details. In order to generate these logs you need to use a logging tool that natively supports the ADIF format.

However, not all logging tools have the ability to save the transmission details in the ADIF format which means that you need to convert your files. This program is designed to convert text logs by retrieving the details that are relevant for the contest.

Unlike similar tools, this application lets you identify the details that you want to save by selecting the range which includes a certain information. Thus, you can configure the converter to extract data from multiple log types and structures that have a fixed column width.

When loading the file, the program displays its content and enables you to manually select the data that you want to include in your ADIF log. Although you have multiple available fields you only need to select basic details such as the QSO, date, mode and frequency in order to generate the file.

By default, the TEXT to ADIF Converter detects the bad records and saves them in a separate file in order to prevent errors when reading the log. However, the documentation does not explain which which fields are considered valid or bad.

The interface is easy to use and enables you to insert constant fields such as operator and comment. Unfortunately, it does not include the option to save the range configuration in order to convert similar files.

If you need to convert text logs to the ADIF format, the TEXT to ADIF Converter is a viable tool that allows you to select the information that you need to extract.

TEXT to ADIF Converter was reviewed by Sorin Cirneala
Last updated on January 10th, 2014
TEXT to ADIF Converter - TEXT to ADIF Converter allows you to extract the log details from a text file and transfer them to an ADI log.

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