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This small application which resides in the system tray enables users to force some windows to always be on top, even if the programs don't support this feature





You're probably familiar with the "Always on Top" feature of some programs.It allows programs to keep their windows above others even when they are not currently selected. This can be extremely useful. Unfortunately, not many programs implement this feature. TurboTop is designed to remedy that problem!

By clicking on the TurboTop icon, you'll be presented with a menu that displays all windows that are currently visible.

Simply click on the menu item that corresponds to the window you want to make "Always on Top." The popup menu also shows which windows are currently "Always on Top" by displaying a check mark next to the name of the window. When you click on a checked menu item, TurboTop will make that window not "Always on Top."
Last updated on December 15th, 2006
TurboTop - Accessing the application's menu allows users to select or deselect which programs should stay on top.

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