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VeraLab is a computer Lab Management System that will increase efficiency and security, will grow the effectiveness of your computer labs. Turn your lab into a production line. Automate major processes in the computer laboratory.

Using VeraLab you can receive statistics about computers to a certain email address, list the running applications on a machine and view screenshots of the desktops.
Last updated on January 18th, 2014
VeraLab - VeraLab allows you to manage the computers connected to your network and log their activity.VeraLab - Using the application you can start and stop the servers, as well as backup data to an SQL file.VeraLab - You can manage the employees and computers using the web interface of the VeraLab.VeraLabVeraLabVeraLabVeraLabVeraLabVeraLabVeraLabVeraLabVeraLabVeraLabVeraLabVeraLabVeraLabVeraLabVeraLabVeraLabVeraLabVeraLabVeraLabVeraLabVeraLabVeraLabVeraLabVeraLab

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This application allows you to manage the computers that are connected to your network, as well as add information about employees


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