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With the aid of this application, you will be able to experiment with the way an iPhone looks and works before purchasing the device

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Virtual iPhone is a virtual simulator for an iPhone device, meant to provide you with a preview of the functions that such a device embeds. It tries to mimic the look and feel of an iPhone and delivers a set of characteristic apps such as a note manager, a calculator and a browser.

As opposed to other similar simulators, Virtual iPhone encases fewer functions and cannot load third-party apps in order to test them. Its purpose is solely to deliver a preview of how an iPhone device looks and what is contained on its main screen by default.

You are advised to pay attention during the installation process, as the package may contain third-party components that are not related to the program’s functionality. The best course of action is to decline the offers.

The main window of the application is a virtual iPhone interface that despite preserving accuracy regarding appearance, is a little rough around the edges. The margins of the GUI could definitely be improved, especially around curvy corners, which are pretty badly drawn.

You can interact with the applications listed on the welcome screen, however, only few of them are truly functional. For instance, the calculator, the browser and the note manager seem to work, but the chat and the clock redirect to the developer’s webpage. There’s also a wallpaper changer that allows you to switch between eleven backgrounds, if you get bored of the default image.

In conclusion, Virtual iPhone provides very little of the whole iPhone experience. Its partial functionality, coupled with the sloppy design are arguments that rule against it.

Virtual iPhone was reviewed by Andreea Matei
Last updated on February 17th, 2014
Virtual iPhone - Virtual iPhone is a user friendly application designed to enable yo to navigate standard iPhone featuresVirtual iPhone - Virtual iPhone features an elegant clock that you can use to tell time.Virtual iPhone - Virtual iPhone will also enable you to change the backgrounf of the virtual device.Virtual iPhone - screenshot #4Virtual iPhone - screenshot #5

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