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A Java based software solution that allows you to convert VNT files to text documents and back quickly, with almost no effort on your behalf

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At one point or another you need to transfer notes from your phone to your computer and vice versa. VntConverter is an application for your PC that helps you convert Samsung Wave S8500 memo files into readable TXT files.

Using the application makes it very easy to move information from one device to another without altering content because VntConverter can keep the original text formatting. This applies to when you convert VNT files to TXT and the other way around.

VntConverter doesn’t create any direct connection between your computer and the phone because it does not work as a file manager. Transferring the files requires you use another application. To convert a file from either format, all you have to do is run the application select the source file and then the destination folder where the new document is placed. It’s an elementary two step process that can be done by anyone.

As mentioned before, when VntConverter transfers the content from one file type to the other, it also maintains the original text arrangement within the document. This way, you can convert a VNT file to TXT, edit it on your computer and then simply transfer it back to your phone. You can then use that file as an email template or any other official text.

The application does not possess an interface but the conversion is not made blindly. When you run VntConverter it opens the ‘Save’ or ‘Save as’ window that you’ve certainly come across using Windows. It’s from there that you select the source file and destination folder for the converted document.

VntConverter is a really good tool to have around if you’re a Samsung Wave S8500 owner. It helps you convert between VNT and TXT files in a split second and makes it possible to view and edit them on both your mobile and PC.

VntConverter was reviewed by Alexandru Chirila
Last updated on November 19th, 2013

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