Wheel Of Life

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A lightweight and simple to use application designed to help users create a customized wishlist, complete with areas of interest and goals






If you ever wanted to create a wishlist with all your life goals and needs so you will not forget them, then Wheel Of Life might be helpful.

This program gives you the tools you need to analyze and evaluate every aspect of your life, allowing you to evaluate your current status which can help you improve yourself.

The main window of Wheel Of Life can be divided in several categories or areas of interest, such as business, money, health, personal growth and more.

Furthermore, you can add new areas and set their importance, depending on your personal preferences and needs.

Every wish has a certain importance to you, therefore Wheel of Life allows you to set priorities for each desire depending on its current state of attainment, ranging from very bad to excellent.

The application allows you to set goals for various time periods: you can set a plan for a day, a week, a month, a year or for your entire life.

Wheel Of Life can be used by many people, as it is able to create projects for anyone who wants to asses their current state.

Although the program covers the most important areas of activities, you can easily add small, but personally important plans and goals.

Additionally, Wheel Of Life can provide you with random goals if you ever want to do something about your life and cannot decide where to start from.
Last updated on March 21st, 2014
Wheel Of Life - Wheel Of Life allows you to create a list with all your wishes and personal goals, grouped into various categories.Wheel Of Life - You can create several categories or time periods for setting your goals and plans.Wheel Of Life - Besides the default areas of interest, you can add new ones and select their priority according to your needs.Wheel Of Life - screenshot #4

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