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This tool presents the user a window for batch processing input





Winput is a command line program that will offer a user an input window for batch processing. The input string will be inserted into a user defined output string, which can be redirected to a file. For example, you can send a command to a batch file like this

Winput "SET Name=$input" "Please enter your name" > temp.bat
if not errorlevel 1 call temp.bat

This will send a set statement to the file temp.bat, and after you execute this BAT file, you will have the input string in the environmental variable %name%.

You can produce and execute any other command this way, or you can simply write the input string to a file.

· OutputString: must include the token "$input"; will be sent to STDOUT
· PromptString: text message above input field; line feeds by caret character ("^")
· InitialString: for the input field (optional)

The string parameters must be enclosed in double quote marks.
If you need double quote marks inside the OutputString or PromptString,
use two single quote marks (''), which will be replaced.

Case ignored for the options and the $input token. All parameters and options must be separated by blank space (no commas!).

The output string comes without terminating CR+LF.
Last updated on September 2nd, 2010
Winput - The window created using the following command line command:
Winput "SET Name=$input" "Softpedia test" > Softpedia.bat

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