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Keyboard and mouse macro recorder program for any windows application





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Workspace Macro is a helpful and user-friendly Windows automation application and macro recorder. A simple 3-step process: New Save Run will get you started with this macro program. No programming required.

You can also use many pre-defined automation templates like Auto Run Spyware check, automated FTP upload/download, Auto shutdown, Internet Cleanup, Excel Data transfer & many more. Just follow the wizard to automate common tasks in minutes.

Workspace Macro features unique SMART MACRO automation technology:
· SMART Macro technology gives intelligence to your macros. It senses & automatically adjusts to changes between record and re-play conditions. This provides you with accurate, reliable & trouble-free macros.
· Provides great options like "High-Speed" & "Turbo-Action" macro replay to run macros as fast as your computer can run, without compromising on accuracy and reliability.
Last updated on July 11th, 2007
Workspace Macro - You can save the macro under which name you want but the trail version doesn't have passoword protect.Workspace Macro - Here is how you can change the columns display and arrange them how you want.Workspace Macro - You can schedule the task to repeat itself at any interval and for as many times as you want.Workspace Macro - You can let the program schedule a task when ever you want and the tool also shows you the time when the macro was saved.

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