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This is a software application with multi-monitor support, which enables clergymen to easily create presentations for worship services

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Worship Him! is a piece of software that was created specifically so that you can make video presentations for worship services or other religious renditions.

The interface is highly intuitive and therefore, anybody can use it with great ease and without actually having any prior experience. The main window displays all the slides you have created in a certain presentation, alongside shortcut buttons with all the available actions that can be taken in the program.

If you still encounter issues when trying to work in Worship Him!, you should know that the developers have created extensive online and offline Help contents, and even a “What’s this?” option.

The application comes with built-in worship songs and hymns that can be embedded into any type of presentation, with lyrics and sound. Aside from this, you can also record your own voice to a WAV file format.

Moreover, this tool supports multiple screen environments, a very useful feature if your church has more than just one TV.

The program also integrates Bible verses from different versions of Holy Books, announcements and sermon points, so that you can add them more easily and not waste time trying to find the thing you need in a hard copy book.

Adding BMPs, JPGs and GIFs to the background of your presentation is possible and you can even choose whether or not to maintain the aspect ratio of the imported picture.

Worship Him! supports importing PowerPoint slides, which is a very efficient feature, as it helps you put to good use presentations made in the past.

All in all, Worship Him! is a piece of software that helps clergymen prepare video presentations for their flock. The program supports import from PPT, contains different versions of the Bible and a lot of religious songs, and it supports multiple screen environments, all of which make it a very useful acquisition.

Worship Him! was reviewed by Madalina Boboc
Last updated on October 24th, 2013
Worship Him! - The main window of Worship Him! enables you to create presentations for your churchWorship Him! - The context menu enables you to play the selected sound file, view the logo image and show the announcementsWorship Him! - From the File menu you have the possibility to repair the song database file or restore the entire dataWorship Him! - screenshot #4Worship Him! - screenshot #5Worship Him! - screenshot #6Worship Him! - screenshot #7Worship Him! - screenshot #8Worship Him! - screenshot #9Worship Him! - screenshot #10

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