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A specialized update for the powerful graphics editing program, Photoshop 7, to make it even more reliable and easy to use for everyone






Adobe Photoshop is undoubtedly one of the most resourceful and hefty software solutions when it comes to graphic editing and enhancing.

It is continuously updated with new features and improvements, so as to provide users with a reliable utility for their necessities.

The update 7.0.1 can be installed only on computers where Photoshop 7.0 has already been installed, otherwise the installation process will fail.

Due to this update, users can save alpha transparency data in Targa files just like it was supported in other formats.

The performance of the File Browser has been improved, while the TIFF files that feature LZW compression are correction generated.

Moreover, whenever users set the color settings color management policy to "Off", the application no longer asks them to save the modifications unless they have also edited some other elements.

Another change included in the 7.0.1 update is that Photoshop no longer shifts the color of white areas in CMYK files that were previously saved as JPEG files.

Additionally, users will no longer get freezes or errors when they apply KPT3 filters or when they are resampling their large 16-bit projects.

One can also benefit from this update to process the files they created using Photoshop 6.0 and open them, even if they include layer effects (this action was not possible prior to updating the host app).

When using Photoshop, users can now correctly and efficiently access their Favorites when using the Open dialog window. Also, if one uses incorrect file types when relying on custom page layout, the Picture Package function no longer freezes.

All in all, the main purpose of update 7.0.1 for Photoshop is to provide users with increased performance and stability. However, it should be mentioned that both the version and the update are quite old and that they have been superseded by newer editions.
Last updated on August 25th, 2002
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