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A software utility that enables you to design signs and add a wide variety of graphic elements to them, such as shapes, text or freehand drawings

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To better advertise your business or event, you can create and print signs featuring your logo, or any other kind of promotional material. As per usual, in order to obtain the best possible quality, you need to employ specialized software that can make your work easier and help you print out your creations without any detail loss in the process.

Create signs featuring text, hand drawings and special effects

SignGo Lite is a software utility that enables you to achieve all this using a wide range of specialized tools, each one of which is able to render your ideas as close to your imagination as possible. The wide array of customization options enable you to add a variety of design elements to your signs, including text, drawings and texture fills.

Text can be easily added to the canvas and tweaked according to your preferences, by applying various artistic effects. In addition, you can create text arcs using your own angles and radius, as well as arrange it on a custom, curved path. Alternatively, the freehand drawing capabilities of the application allow you to use your mouse or a tablet to let your imagination run wild, but you can also make use of the already included shapes.

Scan images and cut the signs using your printer

Beside being able to create new drawings from scratch, you are also permitted to scan an image using the TWAIN device of your choosing. This brings the photo right into SignGo Lite's workspace and you can continue editing it until you are satisfied with the results. Tracing is also possible, which is a procedure you can use to create outlines that can be cut using a specialized printer.

As far as the cutting is concerned, the application provides with all the tools you might need in order to efficiently create a professional cutout for your signs. These include layout control, easy color separation and a useful tiling system that enables you to define overlaps and enable markers for easy reassembly.

Closing arguments

In the end, SignGo Lite is a complete solution for sign-making, with enough features to satisfy even the most pretentious needs. In addition, the entire package is delivered in an easy-to-use interface and bundled with very intuitive controls, as well as a large set of instructions to help you get started.

SignGo Lite was reviewed by Alexandru Dulcianu
Last updated on July 22nd, 2014
SignGo Lite - The main window of the application enables you to add the desired elements to your design.SignGo Lite - You can create a new document, save the current one or print it on paper by accessing the File menu.SignGo Lite - You can select which toolbars to display, as well as activate the grid by accessing the View menu.SignGo Lite - screenshot #4SignGo Lite - screenshot #5SignGo Lite - screenshot #6SignGo Lite - screenshot #7SignGo Lite - screenshot #8SignGo Lite - screenshot #9SignGo Lite - screenshot #10SignGo Lite - screenshot #11