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Convert numerous measurement units with any combination you can think of, by using this lightweight application that comes with a simple interface

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If you work in Science or Engineering fields, you probably know how important a unit conversion utility can be, especially when you have to deal with units from different domains.

Although you can strain your memory to remember specific formulas, it is more efficient to use a dedicated tool, such as ConvertAll, that can instantaneously handle your units without great efforts.

Simple user interface

This program comes with a minimalistic design and uncomplicated functions. The main window is split in two sections where you can specify the original unit type and the resulting one. In addition, you can click four buttons that allow you to use multiply, divide, square and cube functions for your units.

ConvertAll provides you with a Preferences window that allows you to adjust certain mathematical parameters, including decimal places value and inclusion of scientific or engineering notations. Furthermore, you can define how many units can be remembered by the application and loaded at the next launch.

Useful unit combinations

It is possible to combine multiple unit types. For instance, you can use the divide symbol to convert meters per second to miles per second or get torque values by using the multiply symbol with feet and pound force.

This application also features a Unit Finder window that allows you to filter units by their type or search for a specific item by typing its name in the designated field. You can view unit information, such as name, type and additional comments.

In case you are working with multiple units, you can browse a list of previous converted items via the dedicated Recent Unit button. Entries can be selected and the program loads them again into the specific section.

Handy operator functions

For some unit types, you can also use calculator functions by typing the formulas directly into the conversion field and the application displays the results.

In conclusion, you can rely on ConvertAll if you want a quick, convenient tool to process your units, while also providing you with various combination functions.

ConvertAll was reviewed by Vlad Constantinescu
Last updated on September 22nd, 2015
ConvertAll - You can choose from a vast selection of measurement units and convert them to another oneConvertAll - It is possible to access the Unit Finder window in order to search for specific items or browse entries by categoryConvertAll - The Preferences window allows you to modify result display options or toggle the display of operator buttons

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