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Unit Converter with over 1300 units, over 60 categories, and with the ability to add more (Units & Categories).

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If you often need help with converting various units, then always looking online for the right answer is surely a waste of time. Das Unit Converter is a program created to help you out with all types of jobs.

The software offers a wide array of units to choose from, with over 2,000 entries in more than 80 categories, such as acceleration, angle, distance, flow, force, pressure, sound, temperature, time, torque, weight and even some world currencies.

Apart from the famous US dollars, the European Euros and the British Pounds, you can convert to Rubles (Russia), Lei (Romania), New Lira (Turkey), Pesos (Mexico), Won (South Korea) and Yen (Japan), just to name a few. The software can search the Internet anytime you want to get the latest exchange rates.

Among the many supported categories, some stand out from the rest, such as fuel efficiency and consumption, typography and heat transfer coefficient. Furthermore, you can make as many new category and unit entries as you want.

Thus, the app can let you know exactly how long a moment is, how many Fahrenheit degrees that Celsius value translates to and how much the planets in the Solar System weight. From the main frame you can also access the Windows calculator, choose to copy the result of the conversion to the ClipBoard, flip units and open a notepad.

All in all, Das Unit Converter is a useful app, with a nice and intuitive interface. Thanks to the overall simplicity of this software, users of all levels of experience should find it easy to figure out. Now, whenever you need help with any conversion you can do it straight from your PC.

Das Unit Converter was reviewed by Gabriela Vatu
Last updated on November 30th, 2012
Das Unit Converter - Das Unit Converter is an easy to use application that deals with virtally all your unit conversion needs.Das Unit Converter - You can use this window when you want to change several default settings of the application.Das Unit Converter - This window allows you to add a new unit category. Input the necessary information then click on the Add Unit button.

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