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An application that enables you to perform a wide range of conversions, such as distance measurement units, or time and date formats

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Unit conversion can be quite bothersome and time consuming, especially if you need to handle multiple measurement units at once.

GISEYE Value Converter enables you to convert between various types of units at the same time, such as distance, time formats and angle measurement units.

Recalculate the date format and switch between distance units

Different parts of the world keep different time and date formats, which can create confusion for those who are not familiar with one or the other. GISEYE Value Converter enables you to switch between the YYYY-MM-DD format to YYYY-NNN and you can manually enter the desired date and time to be converted.

Distance measurement units can also be converted using the dedicated tab inside the application. All you have to do is enter the value you wish to convert and select the new unit from the drop down menu. The available choices include meters, feet, angstroms and various country-specific units from around the world.

Obtain the RGB values for any color and calculate the sun position

GISEYE Value Converter enables you to select any color from the built-in spectrum and view its RGB values. You can also perform the operation the other way around, by manually entering the values and obtaining the corresponding color. The hue, luminosity and saturation values are displayed as well.

The application allows you to calculate the sun position by specifying the geographical coordinates and GMT time. After you enter the desired longitude and longitude into their respective fields, GISEYE Value Converter calculates the azimuth and elevation angle of the sun at the specified date and time.

In conclusion

GISEYE Value Converter is compact yet powerful utility that enables you to perform a wide array of useful conversions in short amounts of time. Thanks to the user-friendly interface, the application can be used by anyone, regardless of their computer experience.

GISEYE Value Converter was reviewed by Alexandru Dulcianu
Last updated on June 8th, 2014
GISEYE Value Converter - You can recalculate the date and time between the two available formats using the Time tab.GISEYE Value Converter - The Distance tab enables you to convert between various distance measurement units.GISEYE Value Converter - You can convert angles to radians or degrees by accessing the Angle tab of the application.GISEYE Value Converter - screenshot #4GISEYE Value Converter - screenshot #5GISEYE Value Converter - screenshot #6GISEYE Value Converter - screenshot #7

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