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Seamlessly convert measurement units from numerous categories using this intuitive and portable tool that lets you manage units and groups

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Quad-Lock Unit Converter is a tiny and portable Windows application that enables you to perform a wide range of measurement unit conversions without having to resort to the Internet. It contains an offline built-in database and features some intuitive options.

Portability advantages

Since installation is not required, you can drop the executable file anywhere on the disk and just click it to launch the tool. Another possibility is to save it to a removable storage unit to directly run it on any computer with minimum effort and no previous installers. Unlike most installers, this app doesn't modify the Windows registry configuration.

Intuitive interface and options

The user-friendly GUI consists of a simple window with a clear-cut structure that invites you to select the category for units, such as acceleration, angle, current, data, power, pressure, numbers, thermal, volume or velocity. All you have to do is select the input and output units, and enter a value to instantly translate it.

It's possible to copy the output result to the Clipboard, invert the input and output units with one click, resort to a simple search function to track down all of part of a unit or category name, as well as to add or remove units and categories.

Convert coordinates and change app settings

Quad-Lock Unit Converter includes a shortcut for quickly launching the Windows Calculator, in addition to an integrated coordinates conversion function for various ellipsoids, such as Australian 1965, Krasovsky 1940, Clarke 1880 and Everest 1830.

When it comes to program options, you can make the tool stay on top of other windows, remember the last used category and units on startup, show abbreviations when available, and apply a custom font. You can also change the result format (e.g. scientific, fixed) and customize the shown categories without having to remove them from the database.

Evaluation and conclusion

As previously mentioned, the software application performed unit conversions instantly in our tests. Therefore, it had minimal impact on computer performance, using low CPU and RAM. It didn't hang, crash or display error messages. All in all, Quad-Lock Unit Converter delivers a straightforward method to easily convert measurement units, backed by practical and intuitive options.

Quad-Lock Unit Converter was reviewed by Elena Opris
Last updated on March 26th, 2015
Quad-Lock Unit Converter - Quad-Lock Unit Converter will provide users with a handy utility that can take care of all your unit conversions even when offlineQuad-Lock Unit Converter - The Select Category menu will offer a list of options like Acceleration, Angle, Area, Charge, Conductance or CurrencyQuad-Lock Unit Converter - Users will be able to access options such as Select Ellipsoid, Decimal Lat / Long or UTM within the Coordinate Conversion windowQuad-Lock Unit Converter - screenshot #4Quad-Lock Unit Converter - screenshot #5Quad-Lock Unit Converter - screenshot #6Quad-Lock Unit Converter - screenshot #7Quad-Lock Unit Converter - screenshot #8

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