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An all-encompassing and simple to use application that allows you to quickly transform or convert certain units of measurement to other values

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A lot of areas of interest and businesses, such as chemistry, math and physics research rely a lot on unit conversion, since they have to work with various measurement units.

Sicyon Units Converter is a robust piece of software that is tailored to the needs of any type of researcher and not only, since it provides you with a reliable way of converting various measurement units to other values.

Intuitive unit converter

The application can help you transform one measurement unit to another in just a couple of seconds. By entering the amount of units and the unit you need converted, as well as the type you want to transform it to, you are able to instantly find out the appropriate value expressed in the converted unit.

Furthermore, you can see the notations, as well as the standard units involved in the composition of a dimension. This can help you understand how a measurement unit is related to another.

Expansive measurement unit transformation tool

Sicyon Units Converter can be used to expand your own measurement dimensions, as you can create customized measurement units. By doing so, you can easily express other dimensions by linking them to your customly designed one.

Aside from this, the application can create a log file with all your latest conversions, so that you can later review or use them for your calculations. In this manner, you can also check if they were correctly performed, so that your research project does not contain errors.

An overall reliable utility for unit conversion

To sum it all up, Sicyon Units Converter is ideal for any user, as it provides you with a plethora of predefined dimensions to convert your values to, also giving you the possibility to design your own measurement unit.

Sicyon Units Converter was reviewed by Andrei Fercalo
Last updated on September 1st, 2014
Sicyon Units Converter - Sicyon Units Converter allows you to transform various units of measurement into others.Sicyon Units Converter - Units can be converted with ease, by entering a value and the unit types used for transformation.Sicyon Units Converter - You can view the replaced units' notation, as well as how are they mathematically expressed.Sicyon Units Converter - screenshot #4Sicyon Units Converter - screenshot #5Sicyon Units Converter - screenshot #6

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