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Designed to serve as a desktop utility for converting units, retrieving physical and chemical data and carrying out calculations with ease

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As you may find out by simply reading the program's name, UniConvert is an application developed to convert units, but it also comprises some other extra tools.

The first encounter with the application may scare away some of the users, especially because the GUI is extremely cluttered, with all conversion categories displayed right in the main window.

The look can be tweaked a little bit from the settings screen, as it allows you to choose between two different options for tab styles and tab width.

Users are allowed to convert area, angle, resistance, potential, current, power, torque, velocity, volume and energy units by simply typing in the values or using the on-screen keypad at the bottom of the window.

The conversion is obviously performed instantly and you shouldn't experience any computer slowdown because of this. UniConvert runs on very low resources and it doesn't matter at all the Windows version you are using.

In addition, the application comes with some other utilities, including a calculator and a periodic table, as well as decimal equivalents and physical constants.

A help section is available too and rookies are highly recommended to have a look in there, especially if they find it hard to get used to the cluttered layout.

All things considered, UniConvert is truly a powerful unit converter, but it clearly needs a revised look. A more modern and user-friendly design is absolutely necessary, especially because the market already comes with many similar software solutions.

UniConvert was reviewed by Bogdan Popa
Last updated on September 5th, 2012
UniConvert - The main window of this program allows you to do calculations in multiple waysUniConvert - From the Tools menu, you can select to search for units or to customize the applicationUniConvert - The Utilities menu provides a calculator, the periodic table, a list of physical constantsUniConvert - This is the UniConvert calculator that can be used for perfoming a wide range of opperationsUniConvert - This is the Periodic Table of UniConvert application, where you can see all the chemical elementsUniConvert - screenshot #6UniConvert - screenshot #7UniConvert - screenshot #8UniConvert - screenshot #9UniConvert - screenshot #10UniConvert - screenshot #11UniConvert - screenshot #12UniConvert - screenshot #13UniConvert - screenshot #14

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